Add charm and heritage value to your home with individually designed traditional stained glass.

Elegance Stained Glass has been creating and restoring leadlights in Sydney and in the Riverina for over for 25 years now. My continual aim is to produce the highest quality customised stained glass available, through dedication to the design and consultation process while incorporating excellence in workmanship, knowledge and superior materials.

Elegance Stained Glass offers a comprehensive in-home consultation, and a fully customised personal and reliable service to create beautiful and individual leadlights, or restore your existing ones.

At Elegance we have a design catalogue and photographs of years of past works for inspiration and limitless artistic choice. All our work is hand drawn, and they have a spirit that computer generated designs do not have. They are superior in artistic balance, fullness of curves, shapes and proportions compared to computer designed work, especially when it comes to matching older patterns.

Before Renovations.

After Renovations.

New Stained Glass Commisions.

New leadlights designed and constructed with the traditional methods to suit your own style or any era of stained glass.

Stained Glass leadlight Restorations.

New leadlights made to match existing stained glass as closely as possible using your original patterns. In some cases, where the old glass is no longer available the closest matching modern glass is used for continuity.

Original window.

Wall removed, new frame fitted and new leadlights to match existing.

Stained Glass Heritage Conservation and Restoration.

We are committed to preserving as much of our original stained glass as possible. Every year more of our stained glass history disappears.

Re-leading revitalises old windows restoring them to their former glory and ready to go back into their original or new frames. Following an exact rubbing of the original pattern, the panels are rebuilt using their original glass, replacing badly marked, scratched and broken pieces. Our experience ensures the best possible result when restoring older panels in this manner. Where the existing design allows, leadlights can also be re-sized to fit altered window sizes.

Original Edwardian front door panel (releaded).

Panels for french doors made to match existing front door.

Fanlight panel being pulled apart, broken/missing pieces re-cut.

Releaded panel finished ready to be re–installed

Stained Glass and Leadlight Repairs.

Simple and inexpensive repairs can be carried out on–site or at the studio on door and window panels, lamps, cabinet door panels etc, that have broken or missing glass. The glass is replaced by the closest available match, as some older glass is no longer available. Distorted lead from such things as ball damage and past repairs, or older leadlights in a weak condition may need to be partially or totally re–leaded.

Stained Glass Classes

Beginners advanced, and ‘drop –in’ stained glass classes are held throughout the year for the Riverina area at our studio. Come and learn the art of stained glass.