Caring for Your Leadlight

They stand the test of time, and with some minimal care, they will last a lifetime.


If you have any questions on more difficult issues concerning your windows, drop me a line and I will answer them for you. Include a photo, that helps.


  1. Invest in a doorstop that secures your door when open to stop it slamming in the wind. The latch types attached to the shirting board are the most secure and convenient to use.
  2. Close exposed windows in inclement and windy weather.
  3. Leadlights can be cleaned with glass cleaner or methylated spirits and a lint free cloth. When needed, they can be cleaned with warm soapy water (dishwashing liquid), and a soft brush, dried off with an old cloth or towel and followed up with methylated spirits or window cleaner and an old lint free cloth for a streak free finish.
  4. The lead has an oxidised dark grey colour to it which will be refreshed after cleaning. You don't need to treat the lead with special cleaners or polish.
  5. I don't recommend paper towels or newspaper as the lead tears into the paper and leaves lint behind.

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